From Hall of Fame to Hall of Pain

Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the weather as much as I am...


Driving back from a fun day at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield Massachusetts, everything was going smoothly until we came upon the usually delightful Massachusetts Turnpike.  We heard a loud pop,and the next thing I knew, we were spinning, then I blacked out.  It turns out that one of the tires popped, and like a cross between Pong and Frogger the van spun across the highway, ricocheted off the guardrail, and spun back to the other side of the highway where it came to a halt in a ditch.  With the tire as flat as the Patriots deflated football controversy that week, I had to abandon the van and ride with the EMT's to my next destination, which happened to be a hospital, AKA, Hall of Pain.  With minor physical injuries, common for a hockey player, I was in better shape than my wheelchair and totaled van.

Although I'm happy to be alive, my mobility is extremely limited.  I am waiting for my chair to be fixed as well as the van to be replaced, and in the meantime I am stuck at home.  I am trying to stay positive through all of the legwork required to ensure that the wheelchair issue is taken care of in a timely and (dis)orderly fashion.  Not having a chair is like not having my legs.  Between the wheelchair company, insurance company, and police department, a lot of communication is required, and if there is miscommunication with one of those parties, it derails the whole process.  I am currently brainstorming ways that this process could be improved.  Stay tuned for a follow up post about this process.

On a lighter note, I am having a meeting later this week to discuss a fundraiser to raise money towards a new van.  More details to come, but whatever we come up with will be a lot of fun so check back soon, I will keep you posted.  I would appreciate any comments you would like to leave to keep me from going stir crazy while I'm still stuck at home.