My Work of Art

On June 3rd I went to the Pawtucket City Hall to help supervise the setup for the ADA art show.  While setting up for the art show I assessed the city hall in detail.  I took notes and photos to document my findings.  There is a staircase upon entry, so they have installed a lift to get to the main floor.  I had trouble pressing the button to operate the lift and also needed someone to open the door upon arriving on the main floor.  The janitor was available to assist with the lift but if I had dropped by unannounced there may not have been anyone around to help.  The bathroom was hard to navigate and there was no button for the bathroom door, so I couldn’t get in or out on my own.  My chair wouldn’t be able to pull close enough to the sink to access it.  The handle on the toilet wouldn’t be easy access if I were sitting.  I didn’t have enough room in the elevator to turn my chair into position to reach the elevator buttons, however there were no problems accessing the buttons outside of the elevator.  Most of the issues I found were with the bathroom, other than that the building was accessible.  If I were to suggest an improvement to the building I would recommend installing a buzzer where the lift is so that if no one were around one could alert someone in the building to their presence.