I want make sure that other people don’t have to experience the same struggles that I did. We all deserve the freedom to access the places we want to go.

The Mission

Equal Access is dedicated to making public spaces and places in RI accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities.



According to the 2000 census, there are just under a million people in RI, 20% of which claim to have a disability and 7.8% a physical disability.  That means roughly 75 thousand people in the state that would benefit from accessibility improvements to public buildings and spaces.



  • Consultancy. Providing comprehensive accessibility assessments of RI buildings and facilities, for quality, not just compliance.
  • Collaboration. Partnering with local organizations and institutions to create lasting, meaningful improvements.
  • Education. Raising awareness about the needs of individuals with mobility issues.
  • Advocacy. Encouraging people to hep the cause and promote inclusion.